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I grew up around Richmond, VA where I attended the Governor's School for Government and International Studies and then the University of Richmond. I took two years off after my freshman year to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hungary, then finished a BS in mathematics. I have an ME in systems engineering from the University of Virginia (2006-2007), an MA in economics from the University of Michigan (2009-2011), and became a Certified Analytics Professional in 2014.

I once helped start an indie game development studio, but most of my career has been spent doing business analysis in a variety of fields: health and life insurance, consumer banking and real estate, and sales and distribution. I am currently Chief Scientist for a boutique consulting and software development firm.

I'm living in Williamsburg while my awesome wife completes her PhD in computer science. I've got two children that I love very much, and a few animals that I think are OK. I've been blogging off and on since about 2006, but I started getting much more serious about my writing in 2012 when I launched Difficult Run. Writing highlights are broken down below.

Regular Gigs

Difficult Run

This is the group blog I started in November 2012. I usually post one long, original piece a week. I also post shorter links and comments to other pieces daily.

Times And Seasons

Times And Seasons is one of the oldest Mormon group blogs in existence. I started blogging as a guest in December 2012 and joined as a permanent blogger in March 2013. Depending on how busy I am with other projects, I either post every Monday morning or every other Monday morning.

Featured Work

  • "Ruthless Optimism: What Mormons Can Teach Us About Facing Tragedy" September 24, 2014 (First Things)
  • "Can Christians Rock?" June 18, 2014 (Real Clear Religion)
  • "'No Poor Among Them': Global Poverty, Free Markets, and the 'Fourfold' Mission" April 25, 2014 (Square Two, With Walker Wright)
  • "Are Christians Obsessed with Sex?" April 11, 2014 (First Things)
  • "The Mormon War on Feminism" March 24, 2014 (Real Clear Religion)
  • "Thanking God’s Advocates, the Promoters of the Cause" Feb 25, 2014 (FAIRMormon)
  • "J. K. Rowling’s Brilliant World-Building: Magic, Muggles, and Human Nature" Feb 6, 2014 (Hypable)


This section is left here as a placeholder and challenge to myself.


The fastest way to get in contact with me is to use the contact form on Difficult Run. You can also find me on Facebook.

Last updated: September 24, 2014